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Make your guests feel like Lords and Ladies. This wonderful Irish product is a recognised International Brand.      
Detail Fill Case Order
Tube - Conditioning Shampoo 35ml 50
Tube - Bath & Shower Gel 35ml 50
Tube - Hand & Body Lotion 35ml 50
Bottle - Shampoo 30ml 70
Bottle - Bath & Shower Gel 30ml 70
Bottle - Body Lotion 30ml 70
Bottle - Insect Repellent 30ml 70
Pleat wrap Soap 25gr 25gr 144
Pleat wrap Soap 50gr 50gr 80
Soap Boxed 25gr 25gr 108
Soap Boxed 50gr 50gr 50
Sewing Kit Each 50
Shoe Sponge Each 70
Shoe Mitt Each 50
Shower Cap Each 80
Vanity Kit Each 80
Shaving Kit (Shaving Sachet) - GENERIC Each 40
Dental Kit (Generic Paste) - GENERIC Each 40

Other Toiletry Ranges

BLU Bulk African - Stillroom Green

BLU SMALL2  Bulk-and-Dispensers-180  Africa Stillroom SMALLEST Green NEW Group Shot SMALL 1 
Bush De Luxe Duke and Forsyth Feathers Collection
Bush-Collection-180 Deluxe-180 duke-and-forsythe-collection-180 Feathers-Collection-180
Miscellaneous Original Avocado Exquisite Rooibos Contrasts
Miscellaneous-180 Avocado-180 Rooibos-180 Contrasts-180
Secret Dreams Aloe Extracts Seabreeze Marula
Secret-Dreams-180 Aloe-Fusion-180 Seabreeze-180 Marula-Collection-166
Pascale Silhouette AYO Africa Generic Range Milk and Honey
Pascale-Silhouette AYO-180 Generic-Range-166 Milk-and-honey-180
Yuna Collection Earth Spa  Guesthouse Packs Modjadji 
Yuna-Collection Earth-Spa Frolicking Rhino V2 SMALL  Modjadji Grey RangeV2 SMALL 1 

 Prices are subject to change without prior notice and exclude VAT.

 All orders will be reviewed for volume discounts. Should your order qualify, we will re-quote and send your quote via e-mail.

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