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ACC Africa - Blog

Event Management

ALL INFORMATION IS EXTRACTED FROM - EVENT MANAGEMENT - A Professional and Developental Approach  

Dimitri Tassiopoulos


The benefits of event management and event tourism are increasingly being realised by many developing countries such as South Africa.


Events are becoming established as an integral and major part of tourism development and marketing strategies.

The goals of event tourism could be:

a) to attract foreign and domestic visitors

b) to spread tourist demand more evenly through and area

c) to expand the traditional tourist season

d) to create a favourable image for a destination

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Housekeeping Management


Par refers to the standard number of invetoried items that must be on hand to support daily, routine housekeeping operations. 

For example, the par level of linen depends on the "Guesthouse/Lodge/Hotel's" laundry cycle. Inventory levels for recycled items are measured in terms of a par number or a multiple of what is required to support day-to-day functions.


Linen is the most important recycled inventory item under the executive houskeeper's responsibility. 

Careful policies and procedures are needed to control the inventory of linen supplies.


There are three main types of linen - Bed, Bath and table. Bed linens include sheets of various sizes and colours, pillowcases, mattress protectors, duvet covers etc.

Bath linens include bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels and bath mats.

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