Housekeeping Staff – how to determine amount required

The Size of the Property will not determine the Type of service that is offered, it will indicate how much Housekeeping Staff is required.


Housekeeping staff ensure the cleanliness, maintenance and room readiness at any property in the Hospitality Industry. The Housekeeping Department’s responsibility is also to clean and maintain everything on the property, like drive ways, entrances, reception areas, public areas, swimming pool areas etc.

The Housekeeping Staff must ensure that they work together as a team to make sure that their tasks are effective and make for a smooth running venue for their guests. The relationship between the Front Desk/Reception and Housekeeping staff must be excellent so that the occupancy, or vacated rooms is recorded accurately to keep the cleaning schedules up to date.

The size of the property will not determine the type of service offered, it will indicate how much housekeeping staff is required to complete the tasks in the required time to complete their daily duties.

The amount of guestrooms, public areas like swimming pool areas, tennis courts, and conference rooms, will also indicate what the workload of the housekeeping staff will be.

The following are examples of various sizes of venues with an indication of the basic housekeeping staff compliment required.

Guesthouses and B & B’s (Bed and Breakfast)

A “Bed and Breakfast” or “Guesthouse” is a more informal accommodation with limited service that is provided in a family (private) home and the owner/manager lives in the house or on the property. Breakfast must be served. Bathroom facilities must be en-suite and/or private. If not, exclusive use of bathroom facilities per room is ensured. In general, the guest shares the public areas with the host family. The housekeeping staff would perform their duties on a higher level than in a normal domestic situation, due to the higher occupancy and turnaround of guests. The amount of housekeeping staff required depends on the amount of guestrooms.

Lodges and Self-Catering

Most lodges are situated on the outskirts of towns, cities or “in the bush”, in coastal regions or even on islands.

These venues could offer guestrooms with full service, with an on-site restaurant for all meals, or self-catering chalets/rooms, with full self -catering facilities. The restaurant is usually situated at or near the Main Lodge for guests to access.

Guests who are booked for self-catering can also take meals in the on-site restaurant.

The rooms or chalets could be spread around the property, which would affect the amount of staff and equipment, like carts etc. required to service all accommodation facilities on the property.

Budget Hotels, and some Guesthouses. offer  the most basic, clean and inexpensive rooms to guests who still want comfortable, clean rooms, and the services like, free wi-fi, TV, swimming pools and a limited food and beverage service.

The housekeeping staff present at these venues are usually a manager, room attendants, a receptionist and gardeners and/or maintenance personnel.

Mid-Market Hotels and Guesthouses

These venues offer a fair but sufficient level of service, with an on-site restaurant or coffee shop. The rooms could consist of one room with an en-suite bathroom, with a king-size bed, or two double beds, or a combination of beds to allow for family occupancy. Or, on offer may be a suite, which consists of a small living room with appropriate furniture, and a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. Some suites may offer self-catering facilities consisting of crockery, cutlery, a microwave, and small fridge. Due to the additional rooms the staffing capacity could consist of a manager, some department managers, and an executive housekeeper who manages all the housekeeping staff. They may also offer Spa’s/Beauticians which would increase the amount of housekeeping staff.

The amount of housekeeping staff required will be determined by the additional services offered by the various properties.

Coffee Shops and Restaurants

Weddings with Chapel and Wedding Banqueting areas

Conference Venues, Meeting Rooms, Team building and Training facilities

Golf and Spa or Beautician services

Games Rooms and Gyms, Sport Facilities

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