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Blog – Housekeeping Management – Index

Our Blog consists of useful information which will hopefully assist you to manage and run a profitable operation.

The content of the Blog includes extracts from the text book “Housekeeping Management” by Margaret M. Kappa, Aleta Nitschke and Patricia B. Schappert which was used in a course I attended at Damelin.

I have shared and passed on much of the knowledge and training I gained to many of my clients over the years, which include hotels, guesthouses, interior designers etc. and I wish to share some of the information through our Blog in an online format.

Our focus is built on customer service, professionalism and efficiency, adhering to the standards of quality  products required for the hospitality and corporate industry, while negotiating, on your behalf, for competitive rates on all products, saving you time and money.

We ensure that the products we supply to the hospitality industry comply with the Tourism Grading Council’s standards to assist venues in achieving a successful star grading.

We have offered our service, advice and experience in assisting many startup venues with the basic requirements required to setup a guesthouse or Bed and Breakfast with the high standard of products required for the industry.

Below is the Index of articles we have already posted:

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Post 11 – Cleaning Ceilings, Walls, Furniture and Fixtures – Best Practice Methods Click here

Post 12 – Beds, Linens and Uniforms – Click here

Post 13 – Managing Expenses – Click here

Post 14 – Managing an On Premises Laundry – Click here

Post 15 – Safety and Security – Click here


Housekeeping – Human Resources Issues – Chapter 3

Carpets and Floors – Chapter 12