Bulk refills 5Lt and Dispensers with brackets

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Bulk refills 5Lt and Dispensers with brackets

This product was created to enable you to ‘refill’ hygienically clean, washed bottles – thus contributing towards our efforts in recycling.
All products within the group are totally biodegradable and are derived from organic substances, with only synthetic and no natural fragrances being used in each case. Once again no animal testing is involved in the fragrance process.

Guest toiletries available in 300ml Dispenser bottles, and brackets for wall mounting, with 5L Bottles for refilling purposes

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Bulk 5Lt and dispensers

Disp bracket Double, Disp bracket Single, Hamil – B Lotion 1x5L, Hamil – Cond Shampoo 1x5L, Hamil – Liquid Soap 1x5L, Hamil – Shower Gel 1x5L, Hamil Disp Body L 300mlx6, Hamil Disp Cshamp 300mlx6, Hamil Disp Liq soap 300mlx6, Hamil Disp Shower gel 300mlx6, Marula – Body Lotion White 1 x 5L, Marula – Cond Shampoo 1x 5L, Marula – Hair & Body Wash 1x5L, Marula – Liquid Soap 1x5L, Marula Disp Body L 300mlx6, Marula Disp Cond Shampoo 300mlx6, Marula Disp Hair & Body W 300mlx6, Marula Disp Liq soap 300mlx6, Silh – Bath and Shower G 1x5L, Silh – Cond Shampoo 1x5L, Silh – Liq Soap 1x5L, Silh -Hand and Body L 1x5L, Silh Disp Bath & Sh gel 300mlx6, Silh Disp Cond Shamp 300mlx6, Silh Disp Hand & B lotion 300mlx6, Silh Disp Liq soap 300mlx6