Specialised Hospitality Procurement Services

We supply various quality products and procurement services to the hospitality industry as well as private individuals across Africa.

Procurement Services

Bedding, Linen & Pillows
Towels, Robes & Slippers
Crockery & Catering Supplies
and Soap
Promotional Products
Toiletries &
Gift Bags

Procurement Solutions

We have a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry, offering comprehensive procurement services to any business in the corporate world. With a large database of local and international suppliers, we offer our clients top-quality products at the best prices possible. We are your one-stop shop for all hospitality procurement, uniforms, corporate clothing and gift requirements.

Guest Houses
Lodges & Hotels
Private & Public
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We Procure and Supply

Are you looking for something special?

With a vast database of suppliers, we are your procurement specialist of choice. We will source any items you require at the best prices available, while maintaining our high standard of quality products and excellent service. 

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