Deluxe Range Guest Toiletry Range


Deluxe Range Guest Toiletry Range

This wonderful new line of guest amenities has been designed to fit into any environment. The simplicity of the cream and black colors compliments both the sophistication of a city guest room as well as the tranquil surroundings of the African country side. This range has been designed to fit in with other ranges and is ideal to have on call, should your guest forget some of the most valued toiletries when traveling.

Shampoo, Foam Bath, Body Lotion, Shower gel available in 10ml Sachets

Pleat wrapped soap 25gr, Flow wrapped soap 20gr and shower caps


Body Lotion Sachet 10ml (200 p/c), Foam Bath Sachet 10ml (200 p/c), Shampoo Sachet 10ml (200 p/c), Shower Cap (Boxed) (70 p/c), Shower Gel Sachet 10ml (200 p/c), Soap (Pleat Wrapped) 25gr (144 p/c), Soap 20gr (Flow Wrapped) (100 p/c)


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Deluxe Range Guest Toiletry Range
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