Feathers Collection Guest Toiletry Range


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Feathers Collection Guest Toiletry Range\n\n<span data-mce-mark=”1″>Fluff up those tail feathers </span><span data-mce-mark=”1″>and show the true colors of your establishment </span><span data-mce-mark=”1″>with the Feathers Collection.</span>\n\n<span data-mce-mark=”1″>The product mascot is the </span><span data-mce-mark=”1″>Mandarin Duck, which in itself shows grace and charm.</span>\n\n<span data-mce-mark=”1″>The use of autumn colors gives </span><span data-mce-mark=”1″>warmth and a sense of contentment </span><span data-mce-mark=”1″>to any environment.</span>\n\n<span data-mce-mark=”1″>Ideal for lodges farms and Inns.</span>\n\nPlease CLICK HERE for Duke &amp; Forsyth Range


Body Lotion 40ml (60 p/c), Foam Bath 40ml (60 p/c), Shampoo 40ml (60 p/c), Shower Cap ( Boxed) (50 p/c), Soap (Pleat Wrapped) 25gr (144 p/c)


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Feathers Collection Guest Toiletry Range
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